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Boost / Camp Unlimited Sessions



Product Description

Our signature fitness and physique transformation program.

BOOSTcamp is a fun but intense total body workout designed to define & tone every muscle in every way, improve muscular strength and peak your fitness level off the charts. A six-week program incorporating a combination of high intensity (HIIT), strength and core conditioning, circuit and obstacle training, weight lifting with body resistance and boxing.

Together we identify the key to keeping your body strong, supple and supported. BOOSTcamp will keep you constantly challenged. Your squad will drive you onward, your coach will critique your technique. Walk in fierce and walk out fearless.

BOOSTcamp is a 6-week program where you will train either a minimum of two times up to as many times as you can handle.

Additional Information

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22nd Apr – 31st May, 3rd June – 12th July

Boost / Camp Unlimited Sessions | Boost Monaco